At Lasbedrijf van Vliet en Zn. you’re at the right place to assign different kind of welding works like CO2-, TIG, MAG and electro welding. We handle and process sheet metal with various thicknesses and of different types of metals. Metal constructions like stairways, air flow systems or carrie construction belongs to our daily activities. To deliver the carrie constructions we have all kinds of transportations, support and finishing.

In other words, that’s our fulfillment!

As in finishing you could RAL-cothink of sprayed or coated materials. In our spraying cabines we can handle different kind of assingments in different colours (i.e. RAL-colours) and which give a protective supplement. Even though it gives an extra safe option to the products.

For the forming, bending and punching of the sheet metal we use form machines.  No creation or technical application is not out of our range.

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